NHHS Teachers

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Rob Allen (Physical Education)
Henrry Angel (Industrial Education)
Richard Bass (Foreign Language, Socia…)
Jim Bates (Plant Manager)
Dorothy BeMiller (Social Studies)
Rachelle Berman (Foreign Language, So…)
Nick Bernal (Phys Ed, Social Studies)
Roderick Bickerstaff (English)
Doris Biehler (Manager)
Barbara Binder (Special Education)
Mabel Bradford (Assistant Principal)
Peter Bristol (English)
Betty Brown (Science)
Casey Brown (Phys Ed, Special Ed)
Earl Burse (Industrial Education)
Joel Chaikind (English)
Betsy Clark (Physical Education)
Odessa Cleveland (English, Esl)
John Collins (Mathematics)
Timothy Connors (Agriculture, Science)
Jim Corcoran (Foreign Language)
Dennis Creed (Student Dean)
Kay Dallas (Nurse)
Joan Davis (Clerical Staff)
Phyllis Dean (English)
Nancy Delgado (Home Economics)
Nelly Delgado (Foreign Language, Esl)
Giacomino Diliberti (Science)
Helen Dunwoody (12th Grade Counselor)
Inge Fuentes (Student Store)
Yvonne Garrison
Fran Gaudio (Clerical Staff)
Rawson Gorsch (Assistant Principal)
Laura Gulian (Attendance Office Clerks)
Judy Hacket (Counselor)
Rose Jiminez (Student Store)
John Jones (Head Counselor)
Barbara Justin (Cafeteria)
Maryanne Krowe (Cafeteria)
Kitty Leedom (Attendance Office Clerks)
Nina Mageary (Clerical Staff)
Edith Mak (Cafeteria)
Betty Malin (11th Grade Counselor)
Goerge Mathews (Custodian)
Alan Mescon (Mathematics)
Marilyn Minsberg (Work Experience Coor. )
Donna Monton (Counseling Office Secre…)
Eileen Niccom (Clerical Staff)
Sharon Pace (10th Grade Counselor)
Kathleen Pudrith (Secretary)
Kathryn Roberts (Clerical Staff)
Ruth Schardin (Librarian)
Roger Seyl (Security)
Stanley Slome    
Dave Smith (Coach)
Gary Smith
Calvin Taylor (Administrative Dean)
Ron Tomi (10th Grade Counselor)
Cynthia Tomita (Rop Advisor)
June U'Ren (Clerical Staff)
Teresa Valdez (Cafeteria)
Dorothy Van Horn (Magnet Coordinator)
Ginger Walker (Clerical Staff)
Dr. Wilbert Whitaker (Principal)
Shirley Williams (Attendance Office C…)
John Yockey (English & College Advisor)
Brian York
Mike Zee (English)

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